Odd Bird Art is the canvas of a select group of art enthusiasts, dedicated to bringing you unique works of art from across Asia. Making art and home decor accessible, and the process of buying it pleasurable, is the passion that drives us. We have a team of experts to ensure each piece you acquire is original and exclusive. We aim to transform and enrich the online shopping experience by presenting you with a collection that is easy to navigate and effortless to make your own; a multicultural, curated collection of stories waiting to be told through each piece of art you select.


With Odd Bird Art by your side, you have the potential to define all your living and working spaces with your unique aesthetic. This is not a shop of unending products tossed in to fill an online outlet. These are one of a kind articles hand-picked for you with attention given to every little detail, from quality to style. Just as our team of experts carefully curate our inventory item by item, you too have the freedom to start with just one and collect at your own pace. From paintings and photographs to wearable art and home goods, every piece you get is bound to delight you and spark many conversations.


Odd Bird Art is honoured to deliver a platform to showcase the work of Asian artists and make their craft known globally. With every purchase, you are contributing to the success of creatives from a credible talent pool. All of our selections are locally sourced and exceptionally hand-crafted. Authenticity is one of our highest priorities, and every art purchase is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity endorsed by the artist. Rest assured that you are not receiving one of a thousand multiples, as each object is infused with the ingenuity and spirit of the artists.

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