Orange Flower Truck Art Tray

US$ 180

This handcrafted tray depicting a blossomed orange flower was created using Chamak Patti (reflective tape), a key material rooted in the flamboyant culture of Truck Art, which is a popular form of decorative art used on trucks in Pakistan and India. The designs often feature elaborate floral patterns, calligraphy, local landscapes, mythical creatures and poetry.

Using vibrant colors of this reflective tape, artisans cut various shapes and layer them together to create intricate designs. Our colorful range of ‘Truck Art Trays’ feature the work of local truck artists using Chamak Patti to transform this household item into a work of art, rife with history and culture. 

Care Instructions: Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Note: Due to variations in screen resolution on different devices, the color of the actual product may slightly vary from the photographs on the website.


Orange Flower Truck Art Tray
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